Ahoy there ahoy!

Hello Charlie!  Pull up an orange box and take off your boots.  The links in the top menu are the different areas of the site.  Activity shifts between them most of the time, so have a browse.  The current PCRControl beta build can be found under Radio Work.

Below is my general blog, which should, if I've had the time, contain a digest of what's going on with the site and my various projects, with links to more in-depth posts where appropriate.  Now stop those tears, all is well.  The Doctor is IN.

General Blog and Major Bloodnok

The joy and productivity to be found during the convenient break of Easter 

I love having time off.  I love holidays too, but just having a stretch of a few days when I'm not in the office and let my brain drift to where it will is my idea of heaven.  So as you can imagine I've been having a great old time of it over the Easter weekend, building code and customizing the BIOS on my Lenevo IdeaPad, cooking a lovely load of lamb ramekins for dinner, watching lots of football, reading about these weird new 4-quark particles, working on PCRControl and listening to some frankly astounding religious broadcasts from the US.

PCRControl has undergone a pretty major load of work over the last couple of days, and it's now approaching the app that I want.  I'm using it more or less all the time to use the PCR1500 now, which is just how it should be. If you've got a PCR1500, why not give it a go?  It's a free and open beta I'm running, so get stuck in!

I will also be working on a bit of astrophotograph image processing software I've been working on, which is supposed to help you stack images together and get something pretty out of it.  I've been concentrating on solving one of my major issues with astoimaging - light pollution.  More or less all my non-planetary images have an unhealthy pink or orange glow to them, thanks to my location in the middle of a town.  I've hit upon a way to remove this almost entirely from images, and I'll be showcasing the images and the software very soon.

Monday, April 21, 2014 2:19:00 AM
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Raspian Xephem install 


I've just posted instructions on getting Xephem built on a stock Raspberry Pi - have a look over here if you're interested.  It's pretty simple and if you're getting confident in a terminal you'll be fine.  If you've built other apps from source, you'll find it an absolute breeze!  Have fun, and clear skies to you!

Monday, May 13, 2013 10:41:00 PM
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PCRControl update coming soon 

I've been toiling away at a couple of things, including improving PCRControl.  There's a fairly significant update coming in the next few days, the important changes being:

  • Improved spectrogram display
  • Improved app layout
  • USB audio
  • Audio recording
  • Improvements to scanning engine
  • Preset drag-and-drop move and copy between banks
  • Improved preset activity handling

I'm aiming to get the update up on the site by next weekend, when I will probably start posting around in some forums about the program.

I'm also dusting off a couple of Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects, and I have a week off at the start of June which I'm hoping to use to complete them, which will be an unusual pleasure!

Sunday, May 12, 2013 1:50:00 AM
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PCRControl public beta 

I've set up a new section for my new baby - PCRControl.  Dissatisfied with other offerings to control my ICOM scanner, I've rolled my own.  This is really the start of the project, even though the program runs very nicely and (I think) is fun to use.  There are lots of things to come for this app, so I'd recommend having a look if you have one of these saucy little black bricks!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:03:00 PM
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